Thursday, 3 July 2014

Moving out & my new bedroom!

This last weekend may have only been a few days but to me it felt about a week. It was one of those weekends where everything seemed to go wrong! 

I went up to Manchester on Friday to pack up my room in my old student house in the suburbs of Manchester, ready to move to a brand spanking new flat in the city centre ;) The plan was reasonably straightforward: spend the weekend packing up, then on Monday I would go and collect the keys from the agent at 11am, then get back to my house ready to meet my "man with a van" I'd sought out who was helping me move at 1pm. How naive and optimistic I was!

As I was on the loooong train up to Manchester from Norfolk on the Friday my housemate-to-be phoned me in a panic, saying the estate agents weren't allowing her to sign the contracts, and therefore I would be unable to pick up my key on Monday (she would be at work on Monday, and I couldn't pick up my keys until she had signed the contract...). After a stressful 12 hours, thank goodness it got sorted and she was allowed to sign the following morning, so I carried on the laborious process of packing up my room ready for my removal van at 1pm on Monday. Why on earth I feel the need to have 3 sets of fairy lights and an ornamental sewing machine in a Uni room is quite beyond me, but there we go!

So all packed up, on the morning of Monday I went into town for my 11 o'clock appointment to collect my keys. But when I got there I was told that they had my appointment written down for 1pm, so the agents were still doing the inventory at my new flat so I couldn't collect my key! Despite me meekly protesting that I needed to go home to meet my man with a van (I am the sort that would tell a waitress my food was delicious even if it was still not defrosted - aka, rubbish complainer) I agreed to hang around for an hour by which time I was assured thee inventory should be done and the key ready. However, after going back to the agent after an hour AND A HALF, I got told that there was a delay so someone would meet me at the flat at 2pm. So I pelted it back to my old house where the removal van was waiting for me. Luckily the guy helping me was LOVELY, we got packed up super speedy and we were on our way from the suburbs to the big city! We got to the flat in good time and parked up outside, however as time went on and it got more and more past 2 I started getting anxious and decided to call the agents. A very snotty woman told me she had no idea where I would have got the idea that someone would meet me at the apartment, and that "that would never happen". Feeling waves of panic I insisted they were, so she went to check and when she came back to the phone she told me the guy with the key HAD been there but had now left and would be back in 10 minutes. When he finally got there he gave me my key but said he didn't know any of the codes (there are 3 codes you have to get through before you even get to my front door, that is some boss security). So I then had to run and grab a poor unassuming boy then entering the building.

5 trips in the lift later (moving into a flat is NO JOKE) all my belongings were lugged up to my new home on the second floor. I gave myself no time to relax though, as I was desperate to get my new bedroom looking like home!

Sorry the images are rubbish quality, I just took some very quick snaps on my phone as I was rushing out :)
But I'm pretty proud of how I managed to use the space, it was a much smaller bedroom than the one I had in my house before so I to be quite creative with how I stored everything!

Let me know your thoughts & ideas :) I'd LOVE any suggestions!