Monday, 21 July 2014

Home goodies... from a garden centre?!

Last week I tagged along with my Dad to our local garden centre.
I thought garden centres were just for weedkiller & watering cans, maybe a picnic table if you were at a particularly exotic one.
But, I actually ended up stumbling across loooads of goodies for my room!

First, I stumbled across these framed prints, at £5.99 each :)
I walked past them a few times without them catching my eye, but when I looked closely I saw they have teeny tiny cartoon pictures from various films of each decade. I loved looking at them so much and trying to guess what film they were I decided I should probably buy one and continue guessing at home ;)
Problem is, I couldn't decide which one to buy... so I might have got a bit carried away and got them all!
Only problem is, they didn't have a 1980's one.. so my strip of pictures will be a bit lopsided :(
I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for it!

In amongst the pictures, I also happened to spot this framed "Romeo and Juliet" print.
Being a bit of a literary geek, I couldn't resist adding it to the basket, as it was always my absolute favourite by Billy Shakes.
I thought it'd look really nice propped up on my bookshelf (disguising all my less-intellectual books, like 50 Shades of Grey ;] )

Next I spotted this in a little bargain bin, going for 99p!
I'm a sucker for a reduced price anyway, and I thought it would be very cute to hang outside my bedroom door.

In keeping with the white wrought iron appearance, I saw this bad boy, which I think was about £8.99.
It was displayed in the kitchen section with a cookery book propped open on it which looked really sweet. However, since I don't have full reign of a kitchen yet I thought I'd alter it and put some of my books on it on top of my bookshelf.
For now I put on my illustrated copy of "Alice in Wonderland" on it, so I have the Cheshire cat keeping an eye on me.

I then spied these rather useful little wicker baskets. They were reduced from £10 to just £5.99. At just 2 pounds a basket, I couldn't very well resist. I'm very VERY disorganised with my various beauty products, so I thought these would be a neat way to organise my bits and bobs.

I had a little sort out of my beauty, and decided to put my skin care travel size/testers/smaller bottles in the smallest basket...

 ...Then all my daily moisturisers/ cleansers/ zit fighting instruments in the middle sized ones.
This is perfect to keep on my bedside table :) and will hopefully encourage me to be a bit more organised with my skincare routine!

Finally, in my biggest basket I put all my hair products/ body bits. 
I thought I'd keep this on my dressing table along with my hairbrush, to encourage myself to make a bit more effort with my hair rather than giving it a buzz with the dryer and putting it into a rough ponytail as I do usually *smacks wrist*.

Anyone who knows me knows I am OBSESSED with clocks. So naturally, I needed a new one to brighten up my room!
I wasn't sure about this clock to begin with, but when I saw it at a distance it was actually really striking, and I figured it would be particularly eye catching on my white walls (and it looked vaguely Jack Daniels esque! Never a bad thing ;] )

I spotted this bottle & it was just too cute to leave.
I wasn't entirely sure what to use it for at first, but as I walked around the store I spotted a HUGE display of fake flowers! I thought this little array made for an eye-catching bunch and might brighten up my windowsill :)
I think the bottle was £3.99 and the flowers around £1.50 each!

Finally, I bought this little box, which I believe was £4.99 :)
It looks a bit like a book from the side so makes it quite versatile as to how you display it which I thought was handy. I decided I would use it as a "memories" box, and keep anything and everything that has sentimental value to me in it :) 
So far I have a "Good luck" card from my parents from my high school exams, and a little teddy that I had in with me when I had my first operation aged 8 (he has a little hospital wristband around him that says he belongs to me - my nurse was lovely!)

So, purse strings considerably lighter, that concluded my purchases for the time being!
I had no idea garden centres could be full of so many cute things for the home, I will DEFINITELY be looking into more quirky places to buy little bits :)