Thursday, 10 July 2014

General week chit-chat

This post isn't a particularly exciting or even particularly well thought out one, but I just wanted to share what I've been up to over the past few days which has stopped me posting :)

Saturday & Sunday 
I worked ALL DAY BOTH DAYS. I work in a residential home for young people with special needs and challenging behaviours which I absolutely love love love, but after two full-on days I was quite ready for a hot chocolate and bed.

Even though it was my day off I got up early & went into Norwich, the city nearest to where I live (I'm a country bumpkin through and through) with my mother bear. The main reason I wanted to go into Norwich was to make a cheeky purchase of a new camera (!). I decided I didn't want anything too fancy, because quite frankly I would NOT know how to use it, and they can be a lot of money to spend on something whose buttons and knobs would bamboozle a camera newbie. After talking to the sales assistant in John Lewis, who was so lovely and helpful, I decided that a bridge camera was probably the most suitable option for me at the moment, and opted for the Samsung WB1100F. I haven't really had a proper chance to play with my new toy so my opinions are on hold so far! But I particularly liked the fact it had a Wi-Fi connection so I could put pictures on my laptop easily, so get ready for some very picture-heavy blog posts. ;)

After making my very exciting purchase, we went for lunch. We have a bit of a tradition, and always go to the same place - a burger joint called Captain America's. If anyone is ever in Norwich I'd definitely recommend paying it a visit, if you like all things 60's and USA then it's almost certainly for you! We also had a mooch round some of the charity shops. There is a huge British Heart Foundation store that was full of furniture, and I fell a bit in love with a gorgeous dresser. Sadly I drive a Nissan Micra, not a van, so we said our goodbyes. 
Since we were in the city and had both read the book, my mum and I decided then to go and see The Fault in Our Stars. It was so, SO good, and definitely lived up to the book! We both cried our eyes out, as did everyone in the cinema. After the film ended we went to the toilets to get some tissues, and saw at least 10 other people from that screening doing the same haha.

I had work again on Tuesday, so a fair bit of my day was taken up with paperwork and other such delights. However, in the evening I went back into the city and met up with my gorgeous friend Sara. After pondering long and hard about where to go for dinner (our friendship is partly based on how much we hate decisions!) we decided to go to T.G.I's round the corner. We both had ribs and a bottomless coke, and it was DELICIOUS. Even more lovely was when we finished off the evening with Earl Grey tea and catch ups back in Sara's flat. Dinner and chats is definitely my idea of a perfect evening.

Yesterday I woke up early and made a start at Sorting My Bedroom. Since my boyfriend was coming down from Leeds to stay that evening, I felt I couldn't leave it in the state it was currently in (I honestly can't express the horrorful state. Even I must admit it was VILE). So armed with bin bags and boxes, I enlisted the help of my dad and got cracking. There's definitely still heaps and heaps to do and sort, but at least now I don't have to perform an elegant deer-like leap to get across to my desk. 
After a morning of "sorting", I was thoroughly ready for a break, so I went on over to my friend Anna's house. Since she goes to Uni away as well I only get to see her in holidays :( she is definitely one of the most lovely and funny friends I have, so it was great to see her and catch up with her :) especially when it's over a mini-milk.

After I left my boyfriend told me his train would be late, I popped over to my friend Josh's house to see him. Our tradition when we see each other goes as follows: I pick Josh up from his house, we go to Tesco's, buy some salted microwave popcorn, Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream, and chocolate fudge brownie Frijj milkshake. We then take our feast back to his house, and put on a horror film. The only change to our tradition last night was that Josh had already been to Tesco and had the goods already ;) what a good boy *pat on head for Josh*. After scrutinising IMDB for horrors (most of which at least one of us had seen - the good ones anyway!) we decided to go for A Serbian Film, which neither of us had seen. I had to leave to pick up my fella from the station before it ended, but it was HORRIBLE. I'm tempted to google the ending, but quite frankly I don't think I even want to know where that film was leading. Is it possible to un-see things?!

Aaaaand that brings us to today, folks! Ben is currently fast asleep still so I left him to his fly-catching and snuck back to my laptop to write this. I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend yet (today I have the second half of root canal treatment so I think fun might have to be postponed until tomorrow, boo hiss). Whatever we end up doing though, I'll be sure to christen my new camera ;)