Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Waffles, Glorious Waffles

Yesterday I tripped, fell and tasted a little slice of heaven.

I don't know if they have places like this elsewhere, but if you are ever anywhere near Norwich and are even a little bit peckish there is only one place to go: THE WAFFLE HOUSE!

It's a little restaurant in easy walking distance of the shops that seriously has the best food ever. Obviously waffles for dessert is a time honoured concept, but this place also has waffles for main course. As a squeamish eater, the idea of this thoroughly repulsed me at first, but when I tried them it was like fireworks were popping and heavenly choirs were rejoicing in my mouth - and I daresay I may even have slightly preferred the main to the dessert. Shocker.

Left - Garlic mushrooms with cheese sauce
Right - Smoked haddock with white beans, salad leaves and salsa

Left - The banoffee waffle
Right - Chocolate mousse waffle with fresh dairy ice cream

I hope my pictures can do the deliciousness a bit of justice!
I also really like that they do 10% student discount too. It's a pretty inexpensive restaurant anyway, but I always get a little glimmer of excitement when I see I can get money off. Such a little scavenger. Staff were really friendly too, which always makes all the difference. :)

If you have been to The Waffle House before, please let me know and we can drool over how amazing it is together!
Or, if you know anywhere else in the UK that has anything similar, please PLEASE tell me and I can attempt to arrange some sort of national waffle eating tour for myself.

PS. They also do the best milkshakes -  yaknow, the thick ice cream ones. MMM.