Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Dream Kitchen

For someone who can't cook without hospitalising someone, I seem to have been spending a disproportionate amount of time daydreaming about my ideal kitchen recently.

I don't entirely know what triggered it, but I have a sneaky feeling it has something to do with getting lost in John Lewis a few weeks ago and ending up wandering aimlessly through the home section. It seems strange that probably less than a few years ago I would have been moaning if my Mum said we needed to get something for the house, now I'm the one getting excited over floral tea sets... like the party animal I am.

However, since kitchen decor is still something that's relatively new to me I thought I'd have a browse on good old Google & get some inspiration. :)
I've tried to look at a range of different design ideas, which gives me the opportunity to decide exactly what I love in each!

I absolutely LOVE how this kitchen appears very jumbled and quirky, but when you look more closely it's obvious that lots of thought & care has gone into making it so adorable. I think the chairs are really unusual and stand out a lot. Definitely the sort of kitchen I can imagine making endless cups of tea in :) although I do feel it would be almost wrong to be in it without wearing a Cath Kidston apron.

This is definitely a DREAM kitchen for me.
I don't think I have ever been in a kitchen quite so massive, or nearly so beautiful. I absolutely adore the exposed brickwork and the wooden flooring. I also love the fact that the island in the middle gives the kitchen and table some separation, but still appearing hugely spacious. The lighting is also beautiful, and gives the room a lot of atmosphere!
Only thing I think I'd change would be the chairs.. I'm personally not too keen on the cushioned seats, I think I'd prefer it if they were all wooden like the one on the end. But frankly, I'd eat out of rubbish bins for 3 weeks to get this kitchen.

What I love about this one is that it's quite a bit smaller than most "dream kitchens" that I drool over when I Google them. It definitely shows that a kitchen doesn't have to be industrial sized to be made beautiful and quaint! I particularly like how the space has been used, such as the basket storage in the corner. It's also a great example of how using lots of light colours can really open up a space! I also love how they've thrown a splash of red in there to jazz it up a bit.

 However, no matter WHAT kitchen decor I choose to go with in the end, a kitchen must-have for me will always be a Welsh dresser like this one I filched from Google. I personally love them a bit "shabby chic-ed", with flecks of paint coming off (many's the time I have taken a perfectly lovely new piece of furniture and put a great deal of effort into making it look like it's falling to pieces). What I love about them is the fact that as well as being practical for storage with drawers/cupboard space, they are also hugely decorative. It is also pretty easy to find inexpensive ones - I've seen several in second-hand furniture shops that I have had to be dragged away from with the reminder I don't have anywhere to put one. YET.

I am so, so in love with these. Most ovens/cookers are blacks and greys, which is obviously absolutely fine. Essentially, they are practical rather than decorative. But to me, rangemaster's are the best of both worlds!
Sadly, they aren't exactly among the cheapest of cooking devices - I think the one I saw in J Lew was pushing up to the £2000 mark, which frankly made me want to sob. But, I suppose you could justify it by saying it would be something that you would use every day... ;)

FINALLY, Smeg fridges!
I personally don't know if I could ever justify how much these little babies cost - they do vary a lot depending on what you're after fridge/freezer wise, but they are definitely the Rolls Royce of fridges.
(Although, if I got a cream one it would go very nicely with my rangemaster... NO. Stop it, brain.)

Quite frankly, they're just the most beautiful cooling devices in existence.

If you have any pictures you've found of gorgeous kitchens please link them to me!
I could spend all day designing my kitchen... even though I'll probably only use it to make toast.