Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Robert's 'Revival' Radio

One of my most treasured possessions is without a doubt my Roberts 'revival' radio.

Robert's 'Revival' radio in Duck Egg Blue

I was very kindly bought said radio as a present from my Mother goose when I went to Uni. 
After dropping blatant hints about how I hated my room being so quiet when I worked (and how Radio 1 would be the perfect company) we took a little shopping trip when I returned home for Reading week.

I wasn't sure what kind of radio I wanted at first, but as soon as I walked into the shop I spied all the Robert's radios...
...Let's just say that if it was a cartoon my eyes would have been out on stalks and there would have been a cloud of dust in my wake.

So this is why I think a Robert's 'revival' radio is a household essential. ;)

They come in every shade you could possibly want.

They can be a beautiful asset to any room in the house, regardless of what style the room is - because you can just pick a design that suits your style. :)
In my very non-technological head any sort of gadget was either in grey or black, or a hybrid of the 2 if you were being particularly exotic - which would stick out like a sore thumb in my bedroom, which is full of little trinkets and is mostly vintage pastel colours. 
I'm personally quite a fan of the block colours that are pictured above as I think they are really striking, but they have loads of amazing quirky patterned ones too.

My personal favourites are these ones with the little dogs on, and the Cath Kidston inspired floral prints :)

They are very easy to transport
Being as how I'm at Uni (which essentially means you live in 2 places at once... which doesn't get tricky AT ALL, oh no) one of my main requirements is that my possessions are easy to transport from one place to another. Robert's radios even have a little handle.. n'awww.
I did have an old Hi-Fi in my bedroom at home which I'd considered just taking up to Uni to save money on buying a new radio, but quite frankly it would probably have taken up one suitcase in itself. (Besides which, it's so old that it's the kind that has an aerial and a dial to tune it to various stations... you get the picture)
I'd say the Robert's radio is probably about the size of a baby's shoe box, and not much heavier.

They are extremely good quality
Robert's radios were founded in 1932 (thanks, Google) and have an unwavering reputation as being one of the best radio manufacturers around. 
I'm DEFINITELY no expert on sound quality, but my untrained ears certainly find the sound quality to be amazing, no matter what the volume is!
The Robert's company are also very environmentally conscious, using recycled materials for packaging, and seem to constantly be updating their radios to increase the battery life.
I'm also sure I heard somewhere that they were introducing a solar powered radio - which sounds pretty cool.

The one drawback is that they aren't exactly cheap.
They tend to vary in price, from about £150 to £190, depending on where you get one from & what model it is and whatnot.
I personally thought this was very steep for a radio when I first saw it, and I did spend an embarrassing amount of time in the shop umm-ing and ahh-ing, since there were quite a few cheaper options & I wasn't sure if I could justify that sort of money on a radio.

However, 2 years later it's still as good as new & has definitely been worth the money for me.
My parents have had one for about 8 years now (the maroon coloured one pictured above) and heck, even that one is still going strong!

To be honest, I think even when mine DOES eventually give up the ghost I'll still keep it, purely for aesthetic purposes...
For the last month mine has actually been on my bookcase not plugged in, just looking pretty. :)

P.S. I just realised how much of a Robert's cheerleader I sound.. I promise I'm not an advertiser, I'm just a fangirl loser. ;)

If anyone else has one or just wants to fangirl with me, I welcome you! Nay, I BEG you!