Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Welcome Back!

Well now. The last time I saw down on this platform was TWO AND A HALF YEARS ago. I need to let that sink in for a moment.

Naturally, a few things have changed in my world since September 2014 and January 2017. I will briefly summarise:

  • I became a mother of two (admittedly the two I'm referring to are guinea pigs, and I don't exactly have a riveting labour story, but they are still my angels).
  • I bought my first house, and realized that getting excited about new toilet seats was possible.
  • I went to Radio 1's Big Weekend in my hometown of Norwich... two days before my final University exam.
  • Despite this, I graduated from University and got a truly vile graduation photo taken (standing in pride of place in my Nan's bedroom, I blame her love of it solely on needing a new glasses prescription...).
  • I somehow learned how to dutch braid my own hair.
  • I lost weight after discovering vegetable smoothies aren't as heinous as they appear.
  • I gained back the weight after realized lemon meringue pie is more delicious that it appears.
  • I got my first full time job which means I get to have money for a few days before something in my house breaks (last week it was the kitchen tap, and I had to get a plumber to come and fix it and realized too late that we were out of tea and was mildy mortified that I was unable to offer him refreshment). 
  • My boyfriend moved down from Leeds to Norwich to live with me, so now I have someone to play trivial pursuit with whenever the fancy takes me.
  • I discovered Camembert. So I discovered love.

With all this in mind, it really does feel like time has whizzed by. Life is finally starting to settle down a bit, and I finally feel like I have time to give my blog the time and love it deserves. 

So in short, watch this space! If you love homes, thrifty bargains, days out, fashion and beauty, then please join me and let's get cracking :)

Zoe xx