Saturday, 23 August 2014

Pack up your troubles (& suitcases)

So as I said in my last blog post, I am going TRAVELLSKING!
Whilst this is super douper trouper exciting, it also means the joys of packing await. So, I thought I would share some (amateur) pearls of wisdom that I have picked up on this subject matter. You're welcome ;)

1. Make yourself a list!
Anyone who says they don't love lists is lying.
The neat freak in me came out and I decided to sit down and make a checklist of everything I needed, before attempting my scavenger hunt to find all these items.
Plus, this means I get all Monica from Friends and award myself a "check!" for every item I successfully put in.

2. Don't leave it until the last minute!
When I packed, I did it about a week in advance.
Since I'm massively lazy about washing clothes and usually just leave the pile in my laundry basket to grow until I realise I have no knickers left (and have to wear a bikini bottom for that day) I figured I'd probably find most of my favourite clothes that I'd want to take were dirty. Therefore, this gave me plenty of time to kick myself up the butt and get things clean :)
It also means that all the things you realise you need the night before leaving (facewipes are my usual ones) you actually have time to go and buy!
You can thank me later when your face is refreshed.

3. Be organised about it.
Just knowing where everything is can be very helpful.
Also, I would always recommend taking a plastic bag so you can separate used clothes from clean ones. Makes life a whole lot easier when you get to the end of your trip and you're frantically trying to remember which knickers you have and haven't worn.

4. Be practical
If you're going to be exploring new cities, what shoes are going to be comfy to walk around in all day?
No matter how much you want that tan, will having painful sunburn be worth sneakily leaving the suncream at home?
If it rains, do you think you'll have wished you'd just stuck an anorak in?
Consulting a mother on this step can be very useful... or if they're like mine, ignore this step as you'll get it without asking anyway.

5. Don't take what you don't need
Before I go away I make sure I have ONLY what I need and no pesky extras. For example, my purse is usually chocka block with various loyalty cards. Do I really need my Nectar card when I'm travelling around America? No. The way I see it, if my purse got stolen I'd rather only my bare necessities were lost.
Also, only take what you feel comfortable taking. If you don't want to take your big camera and all it's big boy lenses, don't take it. No matter how nice the selfies might have been!

6. Don't forget to take a spare pair of underwear.
For no other reason than it's wisdom that mothers have been passing down for centuries. In case of 'emergencies', they say.
Let's not go there. Just pack them.

I am bound to forget SOMETHING which when I'm on the trip will seem like the end of the world (like oh no my pink vest would have gone so well with this outfit, why on earth didn't I bring it?!)
But, I figure as long as I have my passport then I will manage ;) That is my non-fussing pledge, and I am going to stick to it. Or try to, anyway.

What are your must-do travel tips? :)